Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why Finding Your Target Rich Environment Will Land You the Right Job

“Do not labor with bigger nets, fish where the fish are.” -- Greek fisherman’s proverb.

A key component in my approach to helping people to find careers that fit them is showing them that rather than looking in more places, they need to start looking in the right places.

I call those places you should be looking for career fit your Target Rich Environment™. I introduced you to the concept of a Target Rich Environment in this post, but now I want to take that introduction a bit deeper.

So what is a Target Rich Environment, and how does it apply to your job search?

Well, your Target Rich Environment is made up of the type of work, people, company, and industry where you fit. Your TRE is the environment in which you have the highest probability of finding an employer that fits you. To refer back to the Greek fisherman’s proverb -- it’s where all the fish are waiting to be caught.

How do you find your Target Rich Environment?

The key is first to acquire a thorough knowledge of yourself – that is, your own commercial value, your skills, what you can offer an employer, who you work best with, and what kind of work culture you thrive in. This is a process I take my clients through at length. Once they are there, they use their newly gathered knowledge of themselves to pinpoint companies that fit them. My book takes readers through this same process, one step at a time (click here to read an excerpt).

What might your Target Rich Environment look like?

One defining characteristic of companies and organizations in your TRE is that they both need you and your skills and want you and your skills.

They will be companies that:
  • -- have the same philosophy, and culture as you
  • -- are staffed by people likely to be compatible with you
  • -- have a conflict resolution process that fits your natural conflict resolution style
  • -- meet your criteria regarding size, growth, and opportunity

It’s time for you to start work on mapping out your own Target Rich Environment.

If you don’t know where you stand on these criteria, now’s the time to figure it out -- you can’t expect anyone else to give you the answers.

Sure, it takes a bit of introspection and some hard work, but once you have a clear grasp of who you are, and which companies are in your Target Rich Environment, you’ll be in a much stronger position to start applying for the right jobs the right way.

For more detailed information on how to find Career Fit check out my book How to Hire the Perfect Employer.

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