Wednesday, October 26, 2016

True Fit?

I want to scare you as you embark upon the next stage of your life.

Up until now you have followed a well-trodden path with some direction and a few choices to make along the way; and now as you prepare to graduate, some of you will go on to higher education while the rest will without a doubt be seeking a job. My advice for you – be you, the world will adjust. I want to give you permission to start thinking differently and to find the right fit for you, instead of trying to fit in; to find a job that lets you be you and do the things that you are good at most of the day, and requires a little effort on the things you are not good at.

After I graduated from Queen’s University I spent my entire career in the financial services industry, culminating in becoming President of CIBC Wood Gundy at the age of 37. After having been a trailblazer in building and starting businesses, one day I found myself at the end of a barrel with the words “we can’t live up to your expectations or aspirations.” I had been fired, and the long and the short of it was that I DIDN’T FIT.

I didn’t even really know what fit was, not until it happened to me again at the Bank of Montreal when after two years as a vice chairman I was gone again. I was forced to take stock and figure out what people should pay me for, and that began a wonderful journey to find my True Fit, while helping others find theirs, by using four simple steps.

My new book True Fit is available on-line and in all bookstores.


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