Monday, January 31, 2011

Look for a Career that Fits in Your Target Rich Environment

“Target Rich Environment™.”

What the hell is that? That's a very good question. The first time I remember ever hearing that expression was in the movie Top Gun. Maverick and Goose are standing outside a bar filled with women and Maverick says "Now Goose, this I what I call a target rich environment." ... I digress!

No, I’m not talking about a bar full of good-looking women, or men for that matter.

I’m talking about career fit.

I’m talking about a concept that defines the type of work, people, company, and industry where you fit. Your Target Rich Environment™ consists of a grouping of jobs and companies where you have the highest probability of success in finding the right fit for you.

These are workplaces where they need the skills that you possess -- workplaces populated by the types of people that you work best with, and where you can be doing what you enjoy doing every day. These are companies and organizations that are the right FIT.

So my question to you today is “are you guilty of looking outside your TRE (Target Rich Environment)?” If so, I suggest you take a step back and start doing your homework on which of the companies out there need the skills and qualities you possess.

Stop pointlessly sending your resume all over town, asking people to set you up for “a chat.” (You know what I mean, those meetings where they really know very little about you, or you about them, and that always starts with the over-worked "So what are you looking to do", which is code for “I have know idea of who you are, what you are good at or how and why you would fit here.”)

Don’t waste your precious time on random networking – be targeted.

In order to successfully find your TRE you must first understand what you have to offer, so you need to put together what I call your own "Personal Infomercial". In my new book "How to Hire the Perfect Employer" I help you understand how to build your infomercial and, once you’ve found your TRE, how to use it to find a job that represents your perfect FIT.

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