Thursday, May 10, 2012

I am back after being away for too long

As many of my followers have commented that I have been negligent in keeping up my blog. In fact many including recently my son Ed has suggested that I either get back to it or take it down from my website. In my own defense this has been an incredibly busy year both from a professional and personal basis.

However, as many of you that know me excuses are not my cup of tea, if you commit to something, do it especially if involves putting yourself out there.

As I sit on a plane to Houston to work on one of the most difficult assignments that I have had since I founded my company I was watching one of my favorite TV shows,  "No reservations" with Anthony Bourdain  who happens to be one of my favorite hosts. The reason being it comes through in every show he does how passionate he is about what he loves, "food" and the search of all the great places in the world. In this show he is in Costa Brava Spain at El Bulli with the world renowned genius chef Feranadria, who is brilliant, bold, fearless and is living everyday with passion about what he loves, the creation of Avante Garde dishes.  It is not without it ups and downs but every step is a piece of his soul and he not only loves his life but he devours it..

An old mentor of mine once said to me, " you know Beqaj, most be go through life just sniffing at it, the thing about you is that you want to take take a huge bite out of it". I thought it was a great compliment but I really didn't appreciate what he meant till I had built my own business and had the time and experience of figuring out and deciding everyday on the shape it would take. Responsible to my coworkers,family and most importantly to my clients, because without all of their support I could never have achieved as much as or enjoy what I do like I have never done in life. My wonderful wife often asks me "where did u come from", I have no answer but do know that something drives me instinctively to look at life differently and not be afraid to challenge everything.

Speaking of TV, it as splintered into many facets with reality TV dominating the line up. Yet for me it is the shows about people's passions, like the food network that makes for enjoyable watching, not because I will ever cook as well as they do ( I leave that to my daughter the chef) but because e there is something beautiful and fulfilling about watching someone do what they love and are passionate about it. There is no acting, it's the reality of someone who has found their perfect fit and loving it every single day. So we as innocent bystanders share vicariously their life's effort and bask in the glow of their passion and pleasure.

Can you say that about your life, do you love  what you do everyday, do you love working with the people you work with and when you come home, do you say to your self...damn I am so lucky to do what I am doing. It is not the impossible, it can be achieved and the more people that I coach the more I realize how attainable it is and that I am going to use this blog to speak out, continue to help people find their way by  debunking historical myths.
I am sorry to say for some , I feel inspired and ready to begin the next leg of my journey in helping people find their inner voice of who they are and help them find what they love doing.

I realize now this while I have been on this journey all my life it really began 10 years ago in starting Beqaj International which allowed me to try all my theories without interference or judgement by anyone, I would live and die by my own decisions, frightening but exhilarating and rewarding throughout despite some fearful times. I was to succeed or fail based soley on my decisions, what a wonderful way to figure out if u can do it!

In addition to the recruiting I continued to expand my coaching, which in turn led to my book, however I now realize, I may have mis-titled the book, it really wasn't about finding the perfect employer, it was more about finding and not being afraid to use your inner voice. It was about finding what you love and getting to do it every single day that you are on this earth whether you are 20 or 60 years old. That should be our mission.

Stay tuned!

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