Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Book Review: How to Hire the Perfect Employer

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned Janet Graham’s excellent blog babesonbaystreet.com. I did an interview with Janet which is covered in a series of blog posts.

In addition to the interview, babesonbaystreet.com posted a great book review on How to Hire the Perfect Employer. I’ve shared a selection of quotes from the review below.

"In his book Beqaj says: “I want to help you determine:

  • -- What you enjoy doing most (this will reveal what you’re good at)
  • Who you work best with, and why (this will reveal your wiring, or personality type)
  • -- Your preferred method of resolving conflicts
  • -- Your Target Rich EnvironmentTM (TRE)TM – the types of employers who fit you and your goals – companies where you should therefore concentrate your search

Armed with this information, you can then script and present a powerful Personal InfomercialTM”."
"The book is quite concise and most chapters include exercises for the reader to complete for example, a Personal Balance SheetTM which helps the reader find the common denominators in the things they enjoy the most and least, are good at and not good at and provide evidence that demonstrates their three strongest “good ats”. Beqaj uses his personal version of the completed exercises as a teaching template for the reader."
"It took a lot of courage to share the learning gained from some profoundly challenging life lessons and Beqaj has it in spades. The concepts presented are straightforward and simple, in fact, once you have read the book and worked through the examples you might think the approach quite obvious. On the contrary, I think this is his gift to the reader. He explains these concepts in simple terms, using simple exercises which once completed offer rich data and a powerful means of communicating to the world who you are by way of your Personal Infomercial."

To read the full babesonbaystreet.com book review click here.

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