Thursday, February 25, 2010

Absence creates lots to write about...

Well it's been a while since all those New Year's rants of mine. Where to start, I see some people are still trying to keep the old fires about outrageous compensation going...hmmmmm I think I have said enough about that. However, there does appear to be a growing growl coming from the middle class in the USA as the rich get richer, the poor are already poor and the middle class are disappearing to joing the poorer.

Unemployment continues to remain stubbornly high, imagine what will happen when people realize that if as and when the recovery comes there will be very little chnage in the unemployment numbers. Some jobs have been lost forever, others will not be repalced at the same rate and in the end the redesign of the econmic landscape is going to force people to work harder at find not only jobs but the right jobs for themselves. They will have to be more creative, outside the box and geographically open to relocating to where the opportunities are.

People need to embrace the internet revoution and for the baby boomers I say you are just scratching the surface. look at your kids and how they integrate the internet into every aspect of their lives on a seemless basis. I am always amazed at how much of I a dinosaur I feel like in watching my kids wheel around the internet and use it in their lives...there lies the opportunities of the future and all that fall out from that.

I still say the best two lines for creativity and invention are when someone says

" I wonder why they don't do this or There has to be a better way"

I was fortunate enough to go to the Olymppics with my family and I must tell you, if you can manage and afford it you should put it on your list of things to do once before you die. I went previously in '88 in Calgary but this time I included the opening ceremonies and it was all awesome.

Vancouver and BC are to be congratulated for a job well done above and beyond...

as always a disclaimer for those of you that care about speliing...I am an ENFP

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