Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pre Christmas items...the good the bad and the ugly

There are so many things to write about ,

Where to start, should I flog the compensation pony or say to people get over it. The financial servics industry has always been out of whack with how the rest of the real world is paid and is only an issue now because so much of the real world people are doing so poorly. But back when everyone was riding high in real estate, stocks, 401k's and rrsp's all going higher and higher nobody seemed to care about what people on Wall or Bay Street or any other street made. The reason being that all boats rose with the tide, but now that misery is wide spread with unemployment, lost equity values and housing down the tube in the USA, people are more interested in misery loves company. The financial world has always been driven by greed and fear, risk, reward and none of it makes sense against the real world, but by that measure nor do MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL or any other ridiculously paid sports or entertainment personalities. the world is out of whack in what it pays to what else is new...the sooner people stop worrying about what others make and how to figure out how to make more themselves we will be in a better space...enough said.

On to another pet peeve of mine, resume's, in general worthless, in fact ask yourself the question "is this the best piece I can put together on myself to show me in the best light possible" not bloody likely. Today I recieved a call from someone asking for my help referred to me by a friend. We spoke and he said he wanted to send his CV, our first point of reference..he writes " I've attached my CV, It's something that I put it together very quickly (i.e. it's not very good) for your review". You have to be kidding me, we have never met , spoke for 5 minutes and this is your best shot.. People do yourselves a favour, put some effort into it , think about what it says about who you are, is it clear what you are good at, does it jump off the page how you can provide value to the person you are sending it to...not this one or any other one I have ever seen...

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