Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Value We Bring @ Beqaj International

There’s no question that the value I bring to a client or an organization is the fact that I’ve had 30 years experience in this business at all levels of an organization -- from originally a trader to mid-management to the senior office, President and Chief Operating Officer.

Everyone who works in our organization comes from the industry – whether from the equities side, the bond desk or foreign exchange. So for all the clients we serve, we have an acute appreciation of what they are going through, having been in their shoes. Our knowledge, our experience -- that is what really differentiates us from others.

In addition, we understand so many of the different cultures in the financial services industry. So when we search for people, we know that this person is right for this organization, but that doesn’t make him right for every other organization. When someone calls upon us to do work for them, our knowledge and our experience enables us to say, “This is the right person for you.”

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