Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Wrong Job Will Tempt You

You  are going to be tempted  to stray from your infomercial when a job comes along that’s partly right for you. Maybe it uses some of your skills but not all of them. Maybe the people in the organization are not exactly the kind you like to work with. But the job sounds good. It pays well. It comes with a nice title.

This is when you’ll be tempted to shelve your infomercial. Don’t. You can’t make it right. It will only be a partial fit. How happy do you think you’ll be?

Most people consider a job or an opportunity for all sorts of reasons, most of them wrong: it’s a promotion, which comes with more money, more prestige, or both. Some might be swayed by simple things. A feeling of “I deserve it,” of “It’s my turn,” of “I’ve been here a long time” or “I’m better than the person who’s currently doing it.” I’ve even known individuals who would rather get picked for the wrong job, just to have the option of turning it down.

Thoughts like these can easily pull people away from their true fit. The job looks good, so they grab it, if only to make sure the person next door doesn’t get it and move ahead. Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with pouncing on an opportunity. But it has got to be a true fit. Otherwise, you’re headed for a disaster that will waste your time and undermine your brand in the process.

Why do people find it so hard to resist the urge to compete for the wrong job? I think it’s because they’re afraid to stand up for themselves—for who they really are. I see this in my coaching practice almost every day. They are afraid that if they are themselves, and if they say who they are, they will miss opportunities. And they think that if they miss opportunities, they won’t get any more. No more jobs, no more clients, no more business offers.

That’s the fear I sense lurking under the surface when I ask my clients why they felt the need to take the wrong job or pick the wrong client. Does it make sense? Of course not! These people    are successful. But they’re still scared they’ll miss the boat unless they say yes. That’s why they are willing to try to turn themselves into someone else.

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